Orchestra and Large Ensemble

Aurora (2018) for wind ensemble

Scream Louder (2018) for sinfonietta

Voyager (2018) for orchestra

Constructs (2018) for large orchestra

modus operandi (2017) for orchestra


Acidic Yellow (2019) for clarinet, violin, and violoncello

Postlude (2019) for clarinet and piano

Tzirk (2018) for flute, clarinet, violin, and violoncello

To fly a rocket ship (2018) for viola and organ

Jeux (2018) for string quartet and marimba

System Preferences (2018) for violin, violoncello, and piano

Continuum (2017) for contrabass quartet

Klangfarben (2017) for percussion quartet

Расцвет (2017) for wind quintet

Fanfare (2017) for brass quintet

Perpetuum (2017) for two violins and violoncello

Gizmo (2017) for flute, viola, and piano

424 (2016) for two marimbas

Vignettes (2016) for clarinet, violoncello, and guitar

Three Scenes for Two (2016) for violin and viola

Nocturne (2016) for string quartet

Quartet (2015) for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano


Thing (2018) for solo trombone

Stift-Spiel (2018) for solo pen or pencil

Chorale and Finale (2017) for solo piano

Pисунки (2016) for solo piano

El Gato Negro (2016) for solo flute

Präludium and Allegro (2015) for solo viola


Zuh-Dup (2019) for voice and guitar

Hymn (2017) for voice and piano


Vocalise (2017) for fixed media


Arr. Various–Game Over (2019) for mixed ensemble

Béla Bartók–Suite for Piano: I. Allegretto (2018) for orchestra

Zequinha de Abreu–Tico-Tico (2018) for brass quartet

Claude Debussy–Des pas sur la neige (2017) for string orchestra

Dmitri Shostakovich–Puppentänze (2016) for string orchestra


Current Projects

New work for solo marimba (2018)

New work for brass ensemble (2019)

New work for wind quintet (2019)